Jumaat, 8 Januari 2010

Nemanja Vidic Won't Be Leaving Manchester United In January

Nemanja Vidic will not be departing Man Utd in the January transfer window, according to a representative of the Serbian star.Rampant speculation has suggested Vidic is on his way to Spain, with the 28-year-old drawing covetous glances from La Liga superpowers Real Madrid and Barcelona. There were even reports of an argument with manager Sir Alex Ferguson prior to the Red Devil's defeat to Leeds United in the FA Cup third round - though the defender has since denied those claims.Paolo Fabbri, an associate of the Serbian centre-back's agent, insists, however, that a move to Spain is not on the cards - for the time being at least.

"I don't think Nemanja will move in January," he said, as quoted by the Sun.

"Except for a big surprise, at the moment I don't see any solution to leave the team. I don't think so."

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